Saturday, 1 June 2019



She was a girl with big dreams, clear vision. She knows what she wants and she get it. She didn't know what ’give up' is. Once. 
She became clueless, her vision become unclear. She didn't know what she wants. Her dreams shattered one by one.  She lost. She event didn't herself anymore. 
She drowns in the darkness of the deep ocean.  
She lost her resiliency.
But it doesn't mean she didn't try to bounce back. She tries. She tries so hard. But those things take time. Day by day, month by month. She begins to gain her resiliency. 
Pray. Hope. Trust. Pray. Hope. 
She misses her old self. I knew. Thanks Allah. She still trying even sometime wind turns her back. 
One fine day, she will found herself. One fine day, she will be okay.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019


First of all, Happy New Year to everyone :)

 2018 bring lot of memories to me (positive and negative). I didn’t expect my 2018 can be my worst year so far. 

To be specific, early of 2018 kinda of ‘glory’, happy and great to me sebab I grade my diploma with unexpected pointer and dapat sambung my degree.
But when we enter hujung-hujung tu..around October, my life began to break apart. I start felt stress on everything. My daily life became mess. Sometime I forget the simplest thing.  

Lagi hujung lagi stress. I start crying for no reason at night. Sometime I cried sebab tak lepas jawab tutorial . LOL

And depressed that time. I start jauhkan diri dari kawan-kawan. I shutdown my social media account (because that the best thing I can do to keep myself feel tenang).  Problem keep come over and over. I felt like I want to scream but I cant. My personal problem attack me sampai pernah overdose medicine because I can’t think anything positive at all. 

My life was not the same anymore. 
I hope 2019 will be me lot of positive things around me and to all of you J
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