Monday, 28 May 2018

From Science Stream to Business

Hai everyone, lately I become lazier than before and I don't know why. Erghh

Okay now, siapa sini science student ? Well.. I'm ex -_-''

Idk either I neer to be frustrated or joy about it. But i miss science tho :'( really bad

During my diploma, I took Science , pure Science but when I pursue degree, Idk what is going on with me during isi penerapan last semester.  i chose business. Lol.

No.. I didnt hate business but I just realize that I cannot go with business course, even though my course is Health Administration..

**at least   still has word 'health' :'(

But, with the subject : marketing, human resource, account, law, management - I cant brain all those thing T_T

Sometime I almost cry in class during lecturer coz I cannot take anymore. I miss biology and chemistry soo badddddddd T_T

sampai rasa biology and chemistry lagi senang pada subject business ni. I miss the smell of  methylbenzene (**jangan bau lama-lama sebab nanti boleh mandul), I miss reading campbell , I miss the krep cycle

But life just full with marketing mix, product life cycle of yada-yada.. OSHA

but heyyyy, I didnt hate business.. i just miss being a science student. Business ni bagus jugak sebenarnya sebab lepas masuk course ni aku tau cara nak buat report visit, proposal untuk visit and news about bisnes. maybe I'm still in culture shock phase plus all my friends semua science . Aku je yang sesat masuk faculty business. BUT ITS OKAY.

Cuma nak pesan kepada non-business student, jangan kata business senang tau ! Aku sampai nangis-nangis sebab tak dapat nak hadam semua benda tu. Semua course sama je level dia, cuma cara kau belajar je yang berbeza.

Oh yaaa,, not all business student pakai blazer pergi class kayy.. pakai time formal presentation je. And all my friends thought , ''when zimirrah be a business student, for sure lah she will wear outfit nice esfak and wear make up"
Nahhhh !! I still bawak habit pakai tudung sama pergi class. LOL

Btw, i ambik course Health Administration di Puncak Alam aka Palam , so kalau terjumpa kat palam tu tegur-tegur la . Saya rabun :p

A piece of luahan perasaan budak sains masuk bisnes


  1. tak semua orang boleh angkat sesuatu course. sebab tu hidupan air, udara dan darat berbeza. Dulu ambil engineering padahal minat bisnes habis hancur. Anyway all the best ya :)

    1. sebab dulu masa diploma , saya adalah jugak minat bisnes..and pernh trpikir nak ambil business.. tapi tak sangka yang sekadar minat mcm tu je :'(

  2. Insya Allah, it'll get easier with time. Saya pun budak sains juga dulu tapi sampai habis SPM je la. Then, jadi budak business after that.

  3. its more to our minat sebenarnya. macam mus sendiri. dari science stream ke business. and im okay with that. 😊 All the best btw 🌹😍


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