Thursday, 19 February 2015

ELC 150 Short Story : Twelve and Not Stupid

1.       If you were ‘I’ in this story, what would think of the relationship between papa and Auntie

If I is ‘I’ in this story , of course I will think that Auntie May were having affair with papa without mama acknowledge. This is because papa warn to I to didn’t  tell mama about Auntie May and papa also didn’t told I about who is Auntie May really is. But the real is Auntie May is wife to Yem , papa’s eldest brother who married May without Jah, the first wife knowledge . papa want to help Auntie May to solve her problem.

2.       Do you like the story in the general? Why ?

From the general , yes. It show the conflict that happen in real life .   This story is about the relationship between family . It show how the strong care between family . Father willing to help Auntie May because his brother , Yem , who was irresponsible person who obligating Auntie May and Kassim. But I dislike Yem attitude who just ignore his second wife just like that. However , I like the whole story , how the writer make the plot , it such a great story.

3.       Imagine that you are going to film this short story. Describe the film in terms of choice of actress / actresses , scene and place . Provide some reason to your description.

If I going to film this short story , I must choose person that can play the role of I, papa, mama , Auntie May , Kassim and Yem very well. For example , papa . I must choose the person that even not exactly but I still can bring the papa aura. From the scene , I will choose the residential area that have the terrace house like have been describe in the story . The Chinese Restaurant , papa’s house.We must choose the actor , actresses , place and scene same like the story so we can show the plot of the story well . people will see the story is alive . About the place , I will choose Kuala Lumpur because it’s suitable for the story background. Papa , I will choose Ako Mustafa to act for this character . For mama’s character , I will choose Memey Suhaiza because she can showed the lovely and caring mom characteristic. Shasha , I will choose Farhana Qisrina , suitable for Shasa’s age , 12 . Next , Auntie May , I prefer choose Rafida Abdullah due to chinese look.

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